Wedding Photography Ideas and tips

wedding photography ideas

Weddings are always special and the couple along with their friends and family can relive those special moments for years to come through the wedding photographs. With the amount of planning that goes into a wedding (some Asian weddings are affairs that last for more than a few days) it makes sense to give a fun and novel twist to the wedding photographs to ensure that the magic of the occasion lingers on. Besides the traditional photographs of the wedding venue, the couple holding hands, the cake, the decorations, the family get-togethers et al, by capturing some unique poses and themes that make the wedding album unconventional, one can take the wedding photography to a completely different level altogether.

Here are a few interesting wedding photography ideas that will set your wedding album apart. You can incorporate them in your wedding album to give it a creative twist that brings out the special theme of your wedding.

The Bride. Every bride’s wedding day is special to her, she has dreamt of that perfect day when she will finally unite with her soulmate for years. Months of organizing, tonnes of hard work and a large mix of emotions have gone into planning every single moment of that particular day. Her moments of joy and her delight in everything that has led to this special day needs to be captured for eternity. Starting with the dress, the make-up, tiny details like hair, jewellery, shoes, all need to be showcased in the wedding album.

Photographs of that moment of awe when she steps into her dream dress for the first time, the emotional yet proud looks of her parents when they see her as a bride, that bittersweet moment spent with bridesmaids before she steps up for the ceremony, are all details that will add a touch of drama to the wedding album. The wedding photographer has to anticipate these moments and be prepared to take candid shots that underline the emotion in each.

  • The Groom. A wedding is a celebration of the love that the bride and the groom share and it is as special for the groom as it is for the bride. Some unique wedding photography ideas for clicking the groom may include the look on his face when he makes the first eye contact with his bride when she is walking down the aisle, some fun moments with his groomsmen, his accessories like his boutonniere, his nervous camaraderie with his mates just before the actual ceremony and that honest look when he finally puts the ring on his bride. In addition, his reactions to the various toasts that his friends and family raise, the mother-son dance, among many such emotional moments are some rare scenes that need to be photographed for posterity.
  • The paraphernalia. The flowers, decorations, wedding venue, the wedding cake, the favors, the invitation cards, the ambience and the food are all elements that go into making each wedding extraordinary. These features are especially pertinent in Asian weddings, where various ceremonies are based around special events. The ceremonies of mehendi, sangeet and nikaah each involve a special ingredient that runs through the ceremony and the photographer needs to be sensitive to these so that he can accurately record the distinct characteristics of each occasion. The color and the gaiety of Asian weddings are what make them spectacular and each detail needs to be captured in its full glory.
  • The Technical Details. The type of lenses to be used, whether the shot should be a close-up or a panned out one to record the surroundings, the variation in lighting are all technical details that give make wedding albums exclusive. Though the scenes may be shot in same locations, no two wedding albums are the same because each photographer brings his own individual perspective to the table. Minuscule variations in the angles of the shots, the background depictions and the play of lights, among others, constitute varying wedding photography ideas. For destination weddings and weddings that take place in historic locations, the wedding photographs need to be designed such that the backdrop is showcased as much as the wedding couple and the ceremony.
  • Day and Night. Whether a wedding ceremony is being performed on a clear spring day or under the shower of stars on a bright night, the environment plays a big role in the choice of the time of the ceremony. Autumn weddings can be just as glorious as the summer ones, and each season offers its own unique colors and lighting opportunities. Outdoor weddings present as many spectacular opportunities as the indoor ones for photography. Wide angle shots that bring in the splendor of nature as part of the festivities are often employed by experienced photographers to add that element of subtlety.
  • Props and Stage Shots. Silly poses with the bridesmaids, tossing of the bouquet, that mandatory shot of the bride and the groom kissing after the ceremony, the flower girls, the rings’ pillow and similarly staged shots of revelry and poignancy in western as well as Asian weddings should all be given their due importance in the wedding album because these bring out the details and planning that has gone into the actual ceremony. And then there are the staged shots. Some interesting wedding photography ideas could be shots of the personal letters from the bride and the groom to each other, details about the centerpieces and flatware at each table and creatively shot goofy photos of the wedding guests.

Most weddings are elaborately planned events and the wedding photographers need to have a chat with the couple and the family beforehand, regarding their expectations. A few stylized albums from the weddings covered earlier as well a few shots of the couple who are to be photographed will go a long way in breaking the ice and making the couple comfortable. Whether the pictures are candid or arty portrait type, the wedding album will become interesting only when there is a camaraderie between the photographer and the subjects.

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