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Some Tips On Band Photography Part 1 of 2


Some Tips On Band Photography Part 1 Of 2

As the image in the music industry pushes its boundaries, so does the promotional material for Music Bands.

Band photography is a developing specialty in music industry.

As a music photographic artist, you must make the band look its part in the photos. Band photography for beginners, as it can be a demanding task. You need to know your hardware and camera settings.

Here are some tips that you can consider on your next assignment under those stage lights.

  • Its a good idea to meet up with the members of the Band first

Ensure that you become more acquainted with the band and their music before the photoshoot. Get together with them in an easygoing manner and find out about the style of their music and the band.

Grab a coffee with them on a social and chat!

Ask the about any influences or any musicians they look up to and try to visualise what will fit the soot.

Look at them while performing or having a conventional practice. Check out their social media accounts. You ought to find out about the individuals in a formal and casual manner too.

Become more acquainted with the individuals also. Who is the lead artist? Who is the lead guitarist? Who is acting in the back and who is in the front? Ensure you know everybody in their general position and the roles they play.

  • What is the purpose of the shoot?

Band/Music photography is a large subject. Make a point to discover the reason for the band photographs.

Is it for a commercial? Or then again another collection covers? Is it to show the band while rehearsing? Knowing the reason for the band photograph will assist you with conveying what your customers need.

It’s also good to know how the images will be used. The bottom line is you need to produce good images. It could be an album cover, a billboard or a commercial. Shoot according to what the images will be used for.

  • What will be the theme for the band?

Subsequent to becoming acquainted with the band and their music, settle on a subject. Ensure it mirrors their music and the event. On the off chance that the groups need to mirror the season or an occasion, pick that as a subject.

On the other hand if the photographs are broader, you can pick the band’s most popular tune and make them act it out.

  • The importance of a suitable location

The area affects the result of the photoshoot. The backdrop , the lighting and the surrounding all add up to make the image.

It’s always a good idea to ask them if they have a location in mind. Work with them and bounce ideas.

Bars, eateries and show areas are always good for band photography. They will be in their element. Talk to the manager of the venue and get acquainted with their protocols and safety. Most importantly get the access you need for those great shots.

Only one out of every odd area fits each band. Ensure the area suits the performers’ style.

  • What will the band members wear?

Each artist has their own appeal for style. Talk about the clothing they need to wear during the photograph session. Work together and this, because this is an important aspect of the shoot. Each musician will have their own character and look. But is something looks out of place, it’s your job as a photographer to make the decision

Watch out for Part 2 of the article.

Image Credit: and studio68

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