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How can you outdo yourself with portrait photography

How can you outdo yourself with portrait photography

Many people are called photogenic right off the bat, which means their portraits come out not amazing but legendary. Such people might have adorable faces, perfect face symmetry, or incredible jawline, but all the credit can’t simply be given to them. A photographer taking their portrait is an effectively important element and has to share their own perspective to make those photographs a success.  


Portrait photography might be considered one of the most challenging and training intensive types of photogram anywhere in the world. Because here only having some incredible gadgets, a high-end DSLR camera, or perfect lighting isn’t going to cut it for you. You should be fast-paced, highly trained, and comfortable taking shots that capture intensive details down to the face’s most innate tick. 

Equipment you need to begin

If you had an impression that you need only high-end equipment to enter the realm of close up photography, you need to reiterate that concept. You need a working DLSR camera; it should have a self-timer function, a remote trigger if you can afford one, and a decent lighting setup. This is all that you require to begin this journey.

Following are some of the professional tips and tricks that will surely help you to begin with portrait photography;

Try seeking out fresh perspectives

Portrait photography isn’t about limiting yourself to a single or rigid perspective. Close up photography doesn’t mean only featuring someone’s face or at a single weird angle. What you need to do is to bring new perspectives to life. Think outside the box, take into account the natural scenery that is made available to you, and try out different angles and distances to see what feels more natural. Another thing that should be considered is the lighting; there should be decent lighting around you. Use the natural light, and if not available, then you need to set up your own and continue experimenting.

Lose yourself in the scene     

For this to happen, you will have to find a truly mesmerizing landscape or something that reflects a great deal about your portrait’s subject. You don’t need to go to the trouble of taking a trip to the countryside as everyday locations such as your favorite bench in the park, rusty autumn leaves on the street, or your favorite café window can do the trick. Immerse yourself within the moment, feature some incredible lighting, and take a perfect self-portrait shot.

Light and shadows

Some photographers might disagree with the fact that you need to make shadows a regular part of your portrait photography exercise. Having both light and shadow within a portrait depicts the natural conditions it was taken in. you can either use the light to create different patterns on your faces, such as holding something in between the light, and your face will cast its shadow on your body. You can even use a simple fabric to do so because it would allow some light to pass from it, creating a perfectly transparent shadow on your face. There is no need to get special equipment for this.        

Never let emotions fall out of the frame

Remember, whatever type of photography you are doing, emotions have to be a big part of it. If you are simply capturing the person or yourself in a portrait with zero emotions, then the picture isn’t worth anything. Emotions have to be the center of every click, not a mere sidebar that is optional to either be included or discarded out of the frame. Smile a little, feel surprised or shocked, doing something with your face, even a simple portrait without a theme needs to have some sort of emotion running through it.

Spill it out with black and white

If you want to create a sense of nostalgia or drama, then going black and white with your portrait will be a great idea. This doesn’t mean that you don’t need light or worry about setting it up; you do need light even in the black and white format to enhance the portrait’s beauty and aesthetical appeal. It will indeed depict emotions at their peak while taking the observer of the photo by the storm.

Make those eyes say something

Eyes always tell the truth, and those are the specific elements that you need to focus on with portrait photography. Try to emphasize the eyes of the people you are photographing; try to extract the tension, ease, or thinking those eyes are doing into the photograph. Take those eyes seriously and work in your shots to enhance their beauty or keeping their natural subtlety intact, and the whole photo will look gorgeous. But if you fail to do so, then no matter how enticing your lighting or camera is, the photo will suffer. Eyes always say something, and to become a great portrait photographer, you need to address their emotions in the photos you take.

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