Portrait Photography and Capture Emotions

portrait photography and capture emotions

The age old saying, ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ is undeniably true! One cannot lie to a camera! Especially in Portrait Photography And Capture Emotions. Photography has come a long way. From being the privilege of the rich and wealthy it is now readily available to one and all. The industry experiences rapid changes and ever increasing growth. Initially, photography was considered as a tool to capture important events and moments but today people are exploring the idea of capturing personal and private moments and viewing them through a lens. Another important change is the increase in people considering photography as a profession that requires a set of skills and talent. After all, anybody can click a picture but it requires technical skill to be a photographer!

Portrait photography is becoming more and more popular. Initially, a passion of celebrities and public figures it is now adopted by the common masses. Portrait Photography is all about you! It does not highlight the background, the setting or the people around you; it wholly focuses on an individual- the emotions, the gestures, the twinkle in the eye and the warm smile or heartfelt sorrow. It’s about capturing the true emotions and freezing them for a lifetime. That said, Family portrait photography is also trending. Black and white portrait photography has been a favorite for many years now, there is just something very magical about capturing people through a black and white filter. It makes the portrait appear more real and really highlights the emotions and individuality of a person. Black and white portrait photography needs even more expertise as it requires complete focus and attention to detail. Colored pictures are so common that black and white makes the pictures appear rare and special.

Portrait photography highlights an individual but the environment contributes to the mood and effects of the picture. One does not necessarily have to be sitting chin up and back straight on a chair. Contrary to popular belief, portrait photography is possible anywhere; in fact it does not even need to be planned! You find a beautiful moment- you capture it! Outdoor portrait photography is a great way to add character and definition to the pictures. Sitting around amidst nature is sure to bring out the calm and peace within which in turn will reflect in the picture. Many people confuse portrait photography with passport like pictures! That’s not true a portrait is just highlighting the person, it does not require a particular position, place or angle. A professional photographer will let you be in your natural surrounding and capture portraits as you move along.

There are some unusual portrait photography ideas that photographers are exploring and these are being appreciated more and more. If you look at famous portrait photography albums you will notice how each picture speaks for itself and manages to appear life like. Portrait photography explores and surrounds around the idea of making pictures capture true emotions. Try for yourself! Get a professional portrait of yourself.

Credit for feature image: www.https://pixabay.com

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