Black And White Photography

The charm of black and white photography to highlight family portraits

Black and white photography of kids party by Studio 68

Photography is art. Through years, the field has seen many advancements, changes and significant elements. Photography was and continues to be a field that is flooded by innumerous passionate followers. It is also a field that is extensively diverse and spreads its wings over many dimensions; each unique and significant. From technologically sound cameras, to outstanding effects and several muses, photography is limitless and truly has no boundaries. Everything around us has potential and scope to be turned into a photograph that has meaning and signifies a unique essence. People, places, things and objects; everything and everyone can be beautifully captured in remarkable photographs.

Many industries thrive on photography and use its power and effects to highlight their services, products and offers. The fashion industry for example, uses the power of photography to highlight the intricate details of fashion and make an impact on a large and wide audience. Whether for passion or for profession, many photographers have made a mark and live by the age old adage, ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’. While there have been so many new and fascinating changes the classic black and white photography still reigns the market! There is something so captivating about black and white photography that no other effect has been able to dim or overshadow its essence. Even the most colorful scene in reality can look ethereal when captured by black and white photography experts.

The fact that black and white photography focuses on the true characteristics and elements of a photograph have made it a classic. While this may not be suitable for pictures that want to highlight a meaning or story through colors, it is undoubtedly the best form of photography to capture human emotions. When the central highlight and figure of a photograph is a person or a living being, black and white photography does true justice in capturing the real emotions and natural beauty! Individual portraits or family portraits make a strong an ever lasting impression when captured within the realms of black and white photography.

Family portraits have been a favorite amongst people of all cultures and communities. Even the royal families of the past were seen to showcase family portraits. It’s a way to bring everyone together and capture a moment that lasts forever. Family portraits are a lifelong memory that deserves a special place in the homes and hearts too! Weddings, birthdays or other important events that bring the family together must be captured by a lens to be remembered forever. As years pass, the family grows and extends and these new additions can be framed for life too! Picture Walls have become popular and most commonly adorned by a family portrait as the central and significant highlight.

A family portrait captured in black and white photography is probably the most outstanding of all! You may ask why? Well, black and white photography only highlights the human expressions and emotions and does not allow other elements- like colors, glitter, patterns, etc.- to interfere or divert one’s focus from the main purpose of the photograph. The end result is a family portrait that beautifully displays the love, union and togetherness of the family with a focus on the emotions and expressions that showcase the joy of being with one’s family. The beautiful colored clothes you wear or the jewels you adorn, or the flowers around you are not as beautiful and as mesmerizing as the emotions you display. A family portrait must highlight only the family- nothing around or nothing else!

To really get this frozen and spectacular black and white photography effect, it is important to rely on a professional. It may seem easy and just another ‘click’ but in fact it requires great precision, accuracy and the ability to capture the perfect moment! Black and white photography also needs specific settings, the right lighting and positioning that can only be understood by a professional photographer with technical understanding. While its understandable that you want to fill your picture albums or walls with colors and the brightest hues around you, add just one black and white family portrait and make it a complete album!

Each person in the black and white photograph will come to life and each face will tell a story! You can keep looking at the photograph and discover new meanings and hidden emotions each time you look at it! You can get in touch with Studio 68 to get your professional family portrait in black and white photography style. Whatever the event or occasion, Studio 68 will capture all the precious moments and help you freeze the memories for a lifetime. It’s time to bring the entire family together, and make beautiful and picture perfect memories for life!

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Photo Portrait and Head Shot

Photo Portrait and Head Shot

Man poses with a Mike Tyson tattoo. Image by Studio 68

As a photographer, there is a great art form in taking photo portrait and head shot photography.

It’s a very popular form of photography out there, and for some it can come natural as 1,2,3 and for others it can be difficult.

There are a few things that need to be considered, as it’s not just a case of point and shoot.

I have listed below just a few thoughts and ideas on how to make that photo portrait and head shot come to life.


There is nothing worse then going on site and all of a sudden you struggle for ideas. It’s important that you spend time preparing and getting ideas of shooting those photo portraits and head shots beforehand.

Its good to have a look on the internet and get some ideas, for example, pinterest. This is a great forum of pick up about your shoot. Its not a matter of copying others, but to give you some ideas to get you along the way.

Its also a good idea to have some images downloaded on your smartphone or have some printed, so you can remind yourself at the time of the shoot.

Get subject to relax

For me, the most important thing is to make the person comfortable in front of the camera. The subject needs to be connected and relaxed to your camera lens. The whole purpose of taking that intimate head shot is to make the viewer feel the emotion and intimacy of the image.

Personally, I would ask the subject what environment he/she likes the photograph to be taken. You will notice that some people don’t feel comfortable being at the centre of attention in the studio, under lights and surrounding props.

In such cases, it’s best to photograph the subject in his/hers native environment. The photography can take place more or less anywhere outside the studio. Their work place, walking the dog or out for a simple walk in the park can be a brilliant way to shoot the photo portrait and head shot.

Small details

Although, this article is about photo portrait and head shot, you can always consider taking images at a smaller level.

If you look at my article called unusual portrait photography, you can see it doesn’t always have to be about taking photo portrait. Small details like the eye, palms or feet can be powerful and can bring out the emotions.

Rule of composition

Be daring and try different things. Although it’s advisable to follow the masters of photography and the universal composition rules, it’s also good to find your uniqueness in your photography.

Portrait of an Egyptian by Studio 68

For example, here we have a head shot of an Egyptian. Notice how I photographed it in such an intimate way, that I have cropped off the head. Now for some photographers, that would have been a no go area and would disagree with my style of composition. It works for me, as it I feel it makes the head shot more intimate and powerful.


Personally, when I am doing photo portrait and head shot, I try to avoid over editing the image in post-production. Don’t over air brush the photography, as I feel it becomes too gimmicky and fake. Keep the head shot natural.

But there is always exception to rule when you shooting glamour models in a studio. But still at times, I feel that too much over editing is done in the studio work.


It’s not always about photographing the head shot, straight on. Try to experiment with your subject and use good framing.

You can use framing in a good creative way, and this can make the photograph more interesting.

Door frames can be popular and trees. These can quite easily be wrap around the framing of the head shot.

Taking control

Always remember that you are the photographer and you need to take control of the shot. The subject at hand sometimes won’t have a clue on how to pose for you. They will be expecting you to direct them. To bring out those expressions are most important to photo portrait and head shots.

Image of Tattoo artist by Studio 68

Use simple and straight forward instructions and avoiding saying, “Cheese”. That is a little cheesy for me!


Focus on the middle of the eyes and compose the shot. There is no rush in this type of photography, as you will have a mutual understanding with the person you are photographing.

Unlike fast pace street photography, you can set the pace and shoot accordingly,

Always take 2-3 frames of each pose. Nothing worse then coming home to an image that is over exposed or the person blinked as you clicked,


The background is just as important, if not more then important then the foreground. How often you see a good subject, but the background spoils it.

Look out for plants, trees and lamp posts that come out of the persons head. You know what I am getting at?

Often backgrounds can compliment the character of the pose, person and what he/she is wearing. So think it through, as it can make a world of a difference.

These are just a few tips on how to shoot photo portrait and head shot. This is even without going into the camera settings.

So go out and enjoy taking portraits of people and find that uniqueness that stands out in your photos.

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