Famous Portrait Photography

Famous portrait photography of Floyd Mayweather

Famous Portrait Photography

Inviting special persons to your events can be a great strategy to advertise and market yourself. Product launches, store openings, annual meets, whatever the occasion or event maybe, a celebrity or a well known person can add charm to the event and also help you showcase yourself as a well established brand. Inviting or hosting events for known people and faces demands great planning and organization to ensure that everything runs smoothly and you are able to make a positive impression that lasts forever. An important part of the arrangements is hiring a professional photographer to capture the key moments that make your event memorable for life.

Famous Portrait photography is a special style of photography that works towards capturing important people and moments associated with them. Inviting a celebrity, a sportsperson or a politician to give a speech or share a few words of wisdom can be beautifully captured through famous portrait photography. The true emotions and passion of the speaker can be captured that highlight the importance of the words being spoken. Also, good photography is all about capturing the right moment. Capturing a person in motion is the real art that makes famous portrait photography so special!

Studio 68 has immense experience in famous portrait photography. We have helped many clients capture important events and people that add a remarkable touch of importance to the occasion. We have the expertise and the knowledge to use elements that highlight our photographs. An important speech, for example, by a person will involve gestures, hand movements and facial expressions that add depth to the words. We know how to exclusively focus on all these elements to bring out unspoken words through photography. It’s all about knowing the perfect moment and techniques to bring life to every picture!


If you are hosting an event for important and famous people or inviting famous people for an event, you can rely on the skill and expertise of Studio 68 for famous portrait photography. Our high quality work will add a professional and unmatched look to your event. You can use these photographs to showcase your event to the world or frame them for yourself! We guarantee a walk through all the important moments and aspects that make your event stand out. Studio 68 has delivered quality famous portrait photography services for many and is here to help you!

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Professional Event Photography


While every day in life deserves to be celebrated, certain events and occasions call for special attention! Engagement ceremonies, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or even corporate events that hold significant meaning and importance must be remembered and treasures for life. Professional Event photography not just helps you remember them for life but also share the essence of the event with the world! Through photography you can capture each and every detail that goes into making the event special and remarkable. People, place and things- everything gets framed for life!

When photographing events, it is important to capture and highlight the natural charm and beauty of each element. Candid shots of people display unique and natural moments, highlighting the natural emotions and beauty. So many small but significant moments combine together in making an event beautiful and event photography must capture each of these significant moments. Professional Event photography has the power to really capture the whole atmosphere- excitement, happiness, joy and revelry must all be photographed! Whether it’s a formal black tie dinner event or celebrity events or even personal family events; event photography must focus on and highlight the essence of the event, as it is.

Studio 68 extends its expertise and skill in making Professional Event photography better than ever before! With an eye for detail and complete understanding of photographic elements, Studio 68 brings out the uniqueness of each event. With a guarantee of high quality and unmatched services, Studio 68 becomes a popular choice when looking for professional event photography. Not everyone can be an expert, it needs technical understanding and complete knowledge of aspects and elements that can make a picture life like!

When shooting events, the focus needs to be on the atmosphere and the elements that make up the atmosphere. Making people stand in rows and clicking pictures is a thing of the past! It’s not natural and definitely not appealing! It’s all about capturing natural emotions, candid moments and everything surrounding it. when done right, event photography can bring in the same emotions and joy every time you flick through the photographs! Even after years, you will be able to feel the atmosphere just through photographs! Professional Event photography is an art; a real skill that needs to be honed. Making events memorable for life and seizing the moment is possible if the photographer works with passion and knowledge combined!

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